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Yosuke Mitsusada

Fund Manager: Yosuke Mitsusada

Classification: Equity

Company: Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 as an independent investment advisory company based in Tokyo, Japan. The founding partners of Asuka Asset Management, Mamoru Taniya, Toshihiro Hirao (ex-Co-Heads of Asian Proprietary Trading at Salmon Smith Barney), and Kazuho Toyoda (ex-Head of Research and Risk Management at Salmon Smith Barney), established the firm via MBO of Tudor Capital Japan Limited, the Japanese subsidiary of US based major hedge fund. In July 2014, Asuka Asset Management entered into a strategic partnership and cross ownership with StormHarbour, an investment bank operating business globally, in order to further strengthen our operational foundation.

Asuka Asset Management specializes in alternative investments and provides various products and services to investors seeking investment opportunities in Japan and Asia.


Asuka Value Up Strategy

The Value Up Strategy is a hands-on, concentrated fund which focuses on value creation within a small selection of Japanese equities. Working in partnership with company management teams, our value up strategies aim to increase corporate value and generate long-term, stable absolute returns.

Asuka Opportunities Strategy

The Opportunities Strategy is a multi-strategy / multi-trader fund which focuses on the Japanese market and will invest in equity, fixed income, currency, and other assets. The strategy continually seeks investment opportunities by maximizing each fund manager's individual strengths and stable absolute returns while limiting downside through diversification and strict risk management.

 Asuka Japanese Equity Long Short Strategy

The Japanese Equity Long Short strategy employs a multi-manager platform. The strategy consists of a variety of investment styles by combining long and short equity positions in the portfolio. Using strict downside risk management, the strategy aims to achieve stable absolute returns by efficiently allocating capital among the different investment styles.

 Asuka Insurance Linked Opportunities Strategy

The Insurance Linked Opportunities Strategy invests in a wide range of ILS products, focused on natural catastrophes. The ILS market has substantiated its low correlation to other financial markets.





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