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Craig Bodenstab

Fund Manager: Craig Bodenstab

Classification: Equity

Company: Orbis Investment Management Limited

Company Profile

Orbis was founded in 1989 to provide clients with performance-oriented global investment management services through the Orbis Funds, based on the principles of long-term, fundamental and contrarian thinking. Our core skill is bottom-up stock selection. We use our own research to select equities that we believe are priced significantly below our assessment of their intrinsic value and believe that a focused portfolio of such equities will deliver superior long-term returns and, importantly, less risk of loss than the average equity portfolio. While these principles remain unchanged since inception, we have continually reinvested in our people, processes and technology to build scalable and sustainable investment and operational capabilities. Above all, our clients come first-always. We recognise that without their trust and confidence, the firm cannot-and should not-survive.?




Our primary investment skill is generating alpha through stock selection. Investors' needs are multiple, however, and we therefore package our core skill into two broad strategies: long-only equity funds and absolute return funds. Our Equity strategies are managed to remain fully invested in equities selected from a specified geographic region and aim to earn higher returns than their relevant benchmark, without greater risk of loss. Our absolute return strategy seeks absolute (i.e.positive) returns regardless of stockmarket trends. These funds invest directly or indirectly in Orbis' selected Equity Strategies and manage risk of loss with stockmarket and currency hedging.?

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