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Hajime Kambayashi

Fund Manager: Hajime Kambayashi

Classification: Evolving Investment Opportunities

Company: S.O.W. Asset Management Inc.

Company Profile

Established S.O.W. Inc. in 2002.
Started real estate fund business partnering with Carlyle Group from the U.S. in 2006.
Launched the Asset Finance Fund-1. in 2011.
Launched the Asset Finance Fund-2. in 2014.
Managed JPY 180,000+ million to date.
Managing commercials offices, residences, hotels, and land.
Rich experience in the nationwide.


S.O.W. enables business operators to use their ‘Business Critical Key Assets’ with Sale & Lease Back scheme.
S.O.W. also provides investment opportunities to investors for steady income.
S.O.W. contributes to the development of the Japanese economy and society by directly matching long-term benefits of the business operators and investors.
Asset finance focus on stable income gain instead of pursuing capital gain.
S.O.W. adopts Sale & Lease Back as a typical investment method.
In principle the following three covenants are included in lease contracts with business operators.
No early termination
No rent reduction
No repair cost on the fund

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