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Hiromasa Mizushima

Fund Manager: Hiromasa Mizushima

Classification: Equity

Company: Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Simplex Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a leading and independent hedge fund and investment management firm in Japan. We provide a range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes financial institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals globally.

Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and adapted to a holding company structure in 2006 by establishment of Simplex Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. with Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. being its core business.

Our primary goal is to provide superior returns to our clients. The professional quality and responsibility of our work is of great importance to us and we are very determined to achieve excellence in everything we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Our assets are our people and we make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. Excellent professionals with domestic and global experience work at Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. and help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Maximizing our clients’ return and earning their trust is critical, while applying cutting edge financial skills, strict compliance and sophisticated risk management capabilities.


・Equity Strategies

Value Up Strategy

The "Value Up Strategy" invests in listed stocks of small and medium size companies. The investment style is focused on finding companies with management willing to unlock shareholder value, through operational and financial engineering. The strategy is to actively persuade management to implement shareholder friendly actions while maintaining a constructive relationship.

Net Cash Strategy

The "Net Cash Strategy" is focused on companies with net cash values. Typically these companies are established businesses well positioned to compete in their market niche, with a long history of generating stable free cash flows. Our goal is to identify companies with mispriced securities and to apply our analytical skills to provide us with valuable insides, such as stability of cash flow and growth potential to ultimately have the stock price converge to its fair value.

Oyako Strategy

This strategy takes advantage of mispriced shares of companies with dual listings of a parent and its subsidiary. The Oyako Strategy primarily holds long positions in an undervalued subsidiary while taking a short position in the overvalued parent company.

・Fixed Income Strategy

Global Equinox Macro Strategy

The Global Equinox Macro strategy is a global macro strategy to seek for absolute returns by investing in multi assets focusing on the attractive sets of fixed income securities and currency sets, and to aim for optimal returns in various interest rate cycles. The investment universe includes investment grade government and corporate sectors, emerging securities, high yields, their futures, CDS, and etc. The portfolio also diversifies in regions and rotates among sectors by relative attractiveness of the combinations. Non-fixed income asset mix (e.g. equity indices) is used as a sub sector, and is opportunistically selected to enhance the hedges among sectors in order to achieve optimal returns.


We have a strong pipeline of attractive and new types of ETF's which will further help to diversify the Japanese ETF markets.


Asia Equity Opportunities Strategy

This strategy focuses on macro events, relative value as well as structural imbalance in supply and demand. The investment universe is mainly consisted of liquid Asian indices and options.

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