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Hisashi Osezawa

Fund Manager: Hisashi Osezawa

Classification: Equity

Company: J Flag Investment Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Name: J Flag Investment Co., Ltd.

Established: May, 2009

Business License: Investment Advisory

Shareholder: Owned by Hisashi Osezawa

Key Personnel: Hisashi Osezawa, CEO,CIO

             Koji Inokoshi, Director, Business Development

                          Etsufumi Sakakibara, Director, Internal Administration

Address: Jyujiya Bldg, 5F, 1-6-17,Nihonbashi-Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025

Telephone : +81-3-3666-0974

FAX : +81-3-3666-0975




J Flag Investment provides two investment advisory strategies for only institutional investors, both long only and long short. Long portfolio focused on Japanese small cap equities generates higher return since inception, and we aim to deliver approximatley15% target annual return.

Our investment style is GARP with a thorough bottom-up approach.

We cover all listed stocks, but mainly invest small cap growth stocks based on long term investment view, not short term trading, and provide higher concentrated long portfolio (30-60 names).

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