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Ken Niimura

Fund Manager: Ken Niimura

Classification: Debt/Bond

Company: Topaz Capital, Inc.

Company Profile

Topaz Capital, Inc. (“Topaz”) was established in 2012, with start up support from Unison Capital, the pioneer of Japanese private equity industry, as an independent private debt investment management company based in Tokyo. The founding partners of Topaz, Ken Niimura (ex-Head of Restructuring at Merrill Lynch), Kiyoto Matsuda (Partner at Unison Capital), Makio Yamada (ex-Head of Credit Sales), Takashi Nakazono (ex-Senior Manager of Principal Investment at Goldman Sachs) and Koji Shigemitsu (ex-Director at Unison Capital), have deep experience in complex credit investment sourcing, execution, analysis and management. Topaz entered into a strategic partnership with Gordon Brothers Japan, the leading asset-based lender operating business globally, in order to provide creative finance solutions to corporate clients.

Topaz specializes in investment in private debt instruments arising from middle market corporate finance and asset-based lending and provides attractive yen denominated income gain products to Japanese investors seeking alternative investment opportunities in Japan.


Investment strategy of “Topaz Private Debt I” is to create attractive income gain through JPY500-1,000MM senior secured direct lending to mid-cap clients to assist these clients turnaround, grow their businesses, refinance and make acquisitions. Beyond traditional corporate finance, Topaz invests in a broad array of asset based transactions such as specialty finance, project finance, real estate finance, equipment finance and factoring.

In order to generate excess return, Topaz avoids broadly marketed transactions but focuses on “private transactions” which are primarily sourced through members’ direct relationship with commercial banks, financial sponsors, consultants and lawyers with highly selective origination and underwriting process.

Topaz works closely with commercial and regional banks who face increasing regulatory pressure for more stringent capital management while meeting low credit companies’ finance needs. Topaz acts as a contingent lender and complements banks’ role until banks will be able to provide financing these companies.

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