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Toru Abe

Fund Manager: Toru Abe

Classification: Evolving Investment Opportunities

Company: S.O.W. Inc.

Company Profile

Founded in 2002, S.O.W. is one of the top solution-based advisory and asset management firm in Japan, and it has the aspiration to enhance the value of companies, local communities, and society. Currently, S.O.W. has two main business lines, which are asset management and corporate advisory.
The first business line, asset management, has been the primary business of S.O.W. since its foundation. Supported by its highly skilled and talented members, S.O.W. has been active in advisory and asset management of commercial real estate on behalf of well-known domestic and foreign real estate investors. In this area, S.O.W. positions itself as one of the best turnaround asset management firms in Japan.
The corporate advisory business of S.O.W. provides financial solutions to Japanese corporations, including listed companies. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, creating mid- to long-term business plans, debt strategy, and finance arrangements, and performing due diligence. S.O.W.’s strengths in this area are not only knowledge and skills, but also a broad network that enables different approaches to clients, responsibility to provide its services until implementation, and trust created with clients.
The core team members come from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation, and Tokyu Land Corporation.


S.O.W. believes there is an increasing need for investment opportunities focusing strictly on stable cash-flow income, rather than for those aiming for speculative gain based on leveraged finance or fundamentally irrelative capital gain. In addition, from the originator’s perspective, we believe there is a need for alternative financing sources, and in asset finance’s case, to have a stable and reliable owner of a site. Facing these needs, our approach in sourcing such investment opportunities is to set up transactions of high performing assets to quality investors under a contractual, secured and cash-flow-based asset financing scheme.
Our ultimate goal with this fund is to contribute to Japanese economic growth by providing liquidity to corporations for growth, restructuring, and turnarounds, while distributing the profits to investors and creating a win-win opportunity. Supported by the trust gained from both parties, we aim to play a complementary role among financing players such as traditional banks and nonbanks.

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