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Yoshihiko Ito

Fund Manager: Yoshihiko Ito

Classification: Equity

Company: Nippon Value Investors KK

Company Profile

Nippon Value Investors KK (“NVI”) was founded in 2005 to specialize in value-oriented Japanese equity investment management. Our portfolio managers on average have more than 25 years of investment experience and have been working together since 1999 to manage value-oriented Japanese equity investments.

NVI directors and employees own a majority of the firm and are stable shareholders. We believe that this autonomy and internal ownership allow us to pursue a coherent investment philosophy and to maximize the alignment of our interests with those of our clients.


NVI’s investment program invests in companies which are considered to be cheap against their quality. NVI believes good investments are a product of paying attractive prices relative to the quality of the companies in which we invest. Investors who ignore short-term market jitters and focus instead on a company's underlying strengths are better positioned to identify opportunities to buy good companies at attractive prices. Our investment professionals focus on company fundamentals to identify true value opportunities.

Our investment approach is pure bottom-up and research-driven. The three stages of our research approach are;


Database screening to identify companies that meet our value criteria primarily by using price/earnings, price/book value and dividend yield,


Financial analysis to identify the strength and liquidity of the balance sheet and cash flows, and


Fundamental analysis of each company’s products, franchise, market opportunities and management.

Meeting company management is a critical step for us in making the final assessment. One of the goals of this thorough research process is to identify attractive value opportunities relative to the quality of the company in order to construct our portfolio. Continuous efforts are made to rotate capital to better value opportunities. All of our investment professionals participate in each process as research analysts and portfolio managers.

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