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Yuichi Hiromoto

Fund Manager: Yuichi Hiromoto

Classification: Evolving Investment Opportunities

Company: Japan Industrial Solutions Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Japan Industrial Solutions Co., Ltd. (JIS) was established in September 2010, with the support of Development Bank of Japan Inc., Mizuho Corporate Bank (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd ., and Mitsubishi Corporation. JIS started its first fund, JIS I, of 100 billion yen (upsized in 2013) in November 2010 and deployed it to a total of 9 Japanese firms. 8 of them has been already exited with profits, while JIS has successfully improved the corporate value of investee companies. JIS is now raising its second fund, JIS II, targeting total size of 200 billion yen. (as of August 2017)



JIS primarily invests in publicly listed companies or companies with relatively large revenues by making the best use of its major shareholders’ (3 mega banks & DBJ) networks for our deal sourcing.

JIS makes full use of its extensive knowledge and experiences in finance, business, consulting, corporate governance, and corporate turnarounds. JIS starts with assistance to restructure debt program of its investee companies in collaboration with its “main bank” which is one of JIS’s shareholders.

JIS has been constantly enhancing the corporate value of its investee companies by;

1) conducting tighter corporate governance,

2) supporting their business administration with higher transparency,

3) facilitating their growth strategies, and

4) improving their manufacturing/sales procedures

Even in the form of non-voting shares, JIS takes up at least one seat in the Board of Directors, and JIS also dispatches its own experts into those companies, typically at Corporate Planning Division, as well as at major manufacturing plants and/or Sales Division.

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